John R. Anderson III - President/Owner

Pamela A. Anderson - Secretary Treasurer/Owner


Judy Haun – Business Manager


Barbara Minton- Retail Store Manager

Sharon Rhoad – Retail Store

Fred Strawn – Retail Store

Sherry Day – Accounts Receivable/Service Manager

Roger Green – Service Technician

Jim Warrick – Service Technician


Nikki Anderson Oakley – Vice President/Construction Manager

Denny Rhoad – Construction Foreman

Ronnie Rowland – Construction Team

Richie Marlin – Construction Team

Chris Reed – Construction Team

Dan Condon – Construction Team

Harley (with owner, Pam Anderson)

OWNERS and ADMINISTRATORS: (left to right) Nicolette Oakley, Vice President in Charge of Construction;
Judy Haun, Purchasing and Accounting; Pam Anderson, Secretary and Treasurer; John Anderson, President

RETAIL: (left to right) Barbara Minton, Retail Manager; Fred Strawn, Retail Associate; Sharon Rhoad, Retail Associate

SERVICE CREW: (left to right) Sherry Day, Service Manager;
Roger Green Senior, Service Technician; Jim Warrick, Service Technician

CONSTRUCTION CREW: (left to right) Chris Reed, Dan Condon, Dennis Rhoad, Richie Marlin, Ronnie Rowland


Anderson Pools & Spas & Wild Bird Station, Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design, Murfreesboro, TN